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A2P Campaign Setup

Reviewly Twilio A2P Campaign Setup (PDF)

Initial Agency Setup / Overview

This video walks you through setting up your White Label Agency Dashboard for the first time. Key points include branding the dashboard to your agency, adding your own logo / favicon, and support email address for your clients.

You will also see where to gain access to your API key and how to finalize your Twilio A2P Campaign setup when inputting your Linked Messaging Service ID code.

Subscription Module Settings

Our built in Stripe module allows you to operate your Agency like a SaaS when you input your account keys into the software.

If you do not have or prefer not to leverage our Stripe API for your Agency, we provide API documentation to automate the process and walk you through the steps to create a sofl signup form you can use as a "Thank You" page for external billing options.

Multi-Location Management

The Subuser feature allows you to assign specific locations to a staff member allowing them to only see and manage the accounts you've assigned to them.

This also adds in multi-location management capabilites for your clients that have 2 or more locations they oversee.

Device Setup And Management

Adding in a physical product from adds a unique angle for your foot in the door with our Reviewly branded or White Label plates, cards, or stickers.

We offer a Wholesale pricing discount code to active white label agency partners through our support desk. These devices are what we can; "Yes Magnets" as the business owners love them and customers are happy to scan or tap to leave a new review for the business on the spot.
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Selling And Managing Devices

We've recently released an upgrade and update to the white label agency dashboard that helps streamline the entire demo, sale, setup process for our white label devices.

We've built a simple three step sales flow around it based on real world sales to business owners. You can now pre configure and hold devices under your demo agency and then after selling a new client reassign the preconfigured device in just a few clicks.

Location Level Training

Setting Up Your First Location

When setting up your first location there are 3 steps you must do to gain access to the account. Without these steps the business is unable to use the account. First you need to connect a valid Google Business Profile. This is required to pull in reviews as well as confirm that a real business is in the platform. Next you will select a number that will assigned for feedback requests for the business, and then finally setup the name and mobile of the person who will manage the alerts.

It’s a very simple and smooth process, but does require a Google Business Profile to start. The first business we recommend that yousetup is your Digital Agency.

Feedback Request Settings

This robust yet simple to understand module of the software is the core of the functionality to generate feedback and reviews. Our step by step video will walk you through each section in detail and discuss all of the options and settings.

You’ll see how each section works in regard to positive, negative, and other when it comes to responses, plus how to leverage the power of AI to help generate a review from customers willing to leave your customers one.

Sales And Marketing Materials

Included in your Reviewly Reseller Package are copies of our internal sales and marketing assets. BE SURE TO SAVE AS OR DOWNLOAD. You will not be granted edit access. To do this select FILE -> Save As.

Included in the Agency Cold Outreach Pack are duplicated of our Cold Email, Direct Message, and Outbound Calling Scripts. All with a call to action to try the software free. We’ve also included Powerpoint and Keynote files of our sales deck that you can use.
Click Here For Access To The Files

Leveraging AI To Build Your GBP

As part of your bonus we’ve included a one time special training held for our customers that is now a bonus in the Reviewly.Ai Agency Training. Some parts may not be relevant to your agency. In this training we create a brand new digital agency Google Business Profile account in an over the shoulder process that anyone can follow.

During the setup we leveraged AI to help with content and descriptions. We also pull up and discuss some real world examples and how you can copy this for your own agency and clients.
Click Here For The Starter GBP Checklists

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July Update

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