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How Lawyers Can Get More Google Reviews in 2024

January 31, 2024
Domenick Arapi
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For lawyers, Google reviews are a gateway to trust and visibility online. This guide breaks down exactly how lawyers can get more Google reviews in a way that aligns with professional standards. We’ll explore effective engagement tactics, ethical review solicitation, and technological tools to empower your law firm’s online reputation, all in a straightforward, no-fluff approach.

Maximizing Client Engagement for Better Google Reviews

Law firm's online presence

Securing more Google reviews is directly linked to client engagement. Establishing a personal connection with your clients enhances their readiness to share their experiences. This can be achieved through personalized review invitations and by highlighting the impact of their feedback on your law firm’s success.

A personalized approach to client engagement can profoundly impact the volume of reviews. Clients who feel valued and appreciated tend to share their experiences more, bolstering your law firm’s online presence. By emphasizing the impact of their feedback, you not only encourage more reviews but also allow clients to perceive their opinions as valuable and influential in your firm’s success.

Lawyers Need to Send Personalized Review Invitations

Creating bespoke review invitations isn’t merely polite; it’s a strategy that strikes a chord with clients, inspiring them to share their experiences. Such invitations should incorporate the client’s name, pertinent case details, and align with the law firm’s messaging, creating a connection and inspiring them to leave positive reviews.

Don’t forget to underline general attributes like your firm’s expertise and professionalism in the review invitation, all while respecting client confidentiality. Assure your clients that they are not required to disclose private or sensitive information in a review. Instead, guide them to focus on the service quality and overall experience, which are vital in enhancing the law firm’s online reputation.

Highlighting the Impact of Their Feedback

Illustrating for clients how their feedback refines your law firm’s services and draws in new clients can prompt them to leave reviews. A single review can have a ripple effect, leading to the creation of positive word-of-mouth and indicating your firm’s commitment to client feedback.

Positive reviews significantly impact your firm’s ability to attract new clients. By taking the time to explain this to your clients, you make them aware of their potential influence. This understanding can motivate them to leave reviews, contributing to your firm’s online reputation and helping future clients make informed decisions.

Crafting an Effective Review Solicitation Strategy

Soliciting effective reviews

Apart from client engagement, crafting a robust review solicitation strategy is vital. It includes properly timed review requests and making the review process as smooth as possible for your clients.

The optimal time to solicit a review is at the conclusion of their case. Clients are more likely to share their experiences when they are satisfied with the outcome. Integrating review requests into the final email correspondence with every client ensures that it becomes a standard part of the offboarding process. Moreover, implementing a review collection system can automate and streamline the process, making it simpler for clients to provide feedback regularly.

Timing Your Google Review Request

The timing of your review request is of significant importance. Aligning review requests with a client’s experience ensures that the feedback is relevant and fresh in their mind, enhancing both the quantity and quality of feedback received. The outcome of a case notably affects a client’s inclination to leave a review. A favorable resolution can prompt clients to share their experience, while an unfavorable one might dissuade them.

Appropriately timed review requests that coincide with the clients’ experiences can enhance response rates. Lawyers can employ follow-up emails or SMS to gather reviews after the initial request, tailoring the timing of these follow-ups to the customer base’s behavior.

Streamlining the Review Process

Streamlining the review process can notably boost the chances of clients leaving reviews. One strategy is to offer explicit instructions and direct links to your Google Business Profile, ensuring a seamless review submission process.

Creating a direct link for Google Business Profile reviews can be done by going to the firm’s Business Profile and clicking the ‘Share review form’ button, then copying the link that appears. QR codes can further enhance the review process by providing a prompt and convenient means for clients to directly access the law firm’s review page, eliminating the necessity of manually entering a URL.

Leveraging Technology to Boost Review Volume

Utilizing technology to its fullest extent can significantly boost your review volume. One effective way to do this is by automating review requests with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. These tools can help you manage your client relationships more effectively, and they often include features that allow you to schedule and automate review requests. This means that you can send out requests at the optimal time, without having to remember to do it manually each time.

Automating review requests

In addition to automating review requests, you can also monitor reviews with reputation management software. This type of software allows you to keep track of all your reviews, from Google to social media, all in one place. It can alert you when new reviews are posted, allowing you to respond promptly and maintain a positive online reputation. Some reputation management software even includes features that help you analyze your reviews, identifying trends and areas for improvement.

By taking full advantage of these technological tools, you can streamline your review management process, increase the number of reviews you receive, and maintain a strong online reputation. It's a win-win situation for your law firm and your clients, as they get to voice their experiences and you get valuable feedback to improve your services.

Top 3 Best Reputation Management Software's for Monitoring Reviews Logo

Our platform is leading the pack when it comes to reputation management. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for tracking and responding to reviews, maintaining a consistent and professional online presence. stands out for its intuitive interface and advanced analytics, which allow users to gain deep insights into their online reputation. Its real-time notifications ensure that you never miss a review, and its robust response templates make it easy to engage with customers promptly and professionally.


Podium Logo

A close second, Podium offers a centralized dashboard for monitoring reviews and streamlining the review request and response process. It also provides insightful reports on customer interactions. Podium is known for its seamless integration with various platforms, which makes the process of gathering and managing reviews a breeze. Its customizable review invitations also allow businesses to maintain a consistent brand voice.


Rounding out the top three, BirdEye also offers robust capabilities for tracking and responding to reviews, ensuring a consistent and professional online presence. BirdEye's features include a mobile app that lets you manage your online reputation on the go, and an AI-powered insights tool that can help you understand customer sentiment at a glance.

Birdeye Logo

All these platforms allow lawyers to leverage reputation management software to address customer feedback promptly by sending personalized emails or text messages, facilitating efficient communication with their clients. This proactive approach to review management not only improves client satisfaction but also aids in maintaining a strong online reputation. By leveraging these platforms, lawyers can effectively turn reviews into a powerful marketing tool, enhancing their online visibility and attracting more clients.

Responding to All Types of Reviews as Lawyers

Responding to all kinds of reviews, both positive and negative, bears witness to your law firm’s dedication to client satisfaction and ongoing improvement. It demonstrates your firm’s responsiveness and concern for its clients.

Responding to reviews

Responding to negative reviews showcases your law firm’s dedication to resolving client dissatisfaction and improving overall service quality. Similarly, engaging with positive reviews can enhance client satisfaction and increase the chances of receiving referrals in the future.

Transforming Negative Reviews into Opportunities

Negative reviews, if addressed professionally and courteously, can provide opportunities for growth and improvement. They can:

  • Increase trust among consumers

  • Help build brand advocates

  • Enhance online reputations through demonstrated accountability

  • Differentiate your firm from competitors by refining products or services according to customer feedback.

Addressing such reviews involves:

  • Acknowledging the customer’s concerns with empathy

  • Offering solutions that resolve the issue

  • Providing timely, thoughtful, honest, and kind responses tailored to each review

By focusing on addressing concerns and ensuring satisfied clients, your law firm can demonstrate its dedication to resolving client dissatisfaction and improving overall legal services quality.

Enhancing Local SEO Through Positive Online Reviews

Enhancing local SEO

Positive online reviews greatly influence your law firm’s local SEO. They directly influence your local search rankings, making your firm more visible to potential clients. Firms with a higher number of reviews are perceived as more prominent, improving their visibility in search results.

Research conducted by suggests a correlation between the number of reviews and local search rankings. In other words, law firms with more reviews are more likely to achieve higher placement in the local search map pack. A strong online presence, including positive reviews, can significantly impact your firm’s ability to attract new clients.

Regularity and Authenticity in Reviews

Striving for a steady flow of genuine reviews can boost your law firm’s visibility on Google Maps and search results even more. Regular reviews play a crucial role in a law firm’s local SEO, making google reviews important. Google Business Profiles that receive a steady influx of reviews tend to rank higher compared to those with large but outdated backlogs.

Maintaining a steady flow of reviews provides tangible evidence of your law firm’s active case involvement and delivery of exceptional client experiences, thereby enhancing its reputation and contributing to the enhancement of local SEO rankings. Implementing strategies to encourage each client to review the firm at the conclusion of their case can help maintain a consistent pipeline of reviews.

Creating a Dedicated Review Page on Your Law Firm's Website

Creating a dedicated review page on your law firm’s website can prove beneficial in showcasing client testimonials and building social proof, convincing potential clients of your expertise. It provides social proof to potential clients, demonstrating the credibility of the law firm through testimonials from past clients.

The review page should be placed in the header on the homepage and on ‘Thank You’ pages after client interactions. This placement ensures high visibility and encourages clients to leave reviews, while also allowing you to showcase the most positive reviews and lawyer ratings at crucial points in the visitor’s journey.

Incentivizing Staff to Encourage Reviews

Motivating your staff to prompt reviews can be another successful strategy to amplify the volume of reviews. Encouraging staff to solicit reviews promotes a greater number of review requests, consequently increasing the probability of receiving reviews.

Offering staff a token of appreciation for each positive review, providing rewards for successful review solicitations, and implementing motivational reward programs can be effective incentives. Additionally, establishing key performance indicators derived from customer feedback metrics and incorporating these into performance evaluations can motivate staff further.

Building a Strong Digital Presence Beyond Reviews

Establishing a robust digital presence goes beyond reviews. It involves optimizing your website for SEO, creating engaging content, and maintaining an active presence on social media platforms. This not only enhances the visibility of your website but also provides a compelling call to action that effectively encourages visitors to interact with your firm.

In addition, showcasing positive client reviews on your website can enhance credibility and motivate potential clients to visualize the advantages of engaging with your firm. Infographics and law firm videos have demonstrated particular effectiveness in engaging visitors on a law firm’s website, contributing to a stronger digital presence.

Navigating Legal Ethics in Review Solicitation

While soliciting reviews, it’s necessary to steer through the complexities of legal ethics. This involves adhering to bar rules, avoiding false or misleading statements, and respecting client confidentiality.

Direct in-person solicitation by a lawyer or their representatives to potential clients is not allowed. However, lawyers can engage in online platforms for soliciting client reviews, with specific limitations. It’s also crucial to prevent the dissemination of inaccurate or deceptive information in review solicitations and to consistently uphold client confidentiality.

Key Takeaways for Lawyers Looking for Google Reviews

  • Personalized client engagement, along with explaining the significance of client feedback, is crucial for increasing Google reviews for law firms.

  • An efficient review solicitation strategy should involve optimal timing and streamlining the review process to facilitate easier client feedback.

  • Leveraging technology through CRM tools and reputation management software can automate review requests and help monitor and respond to client reviews to maintain a solid online presence.

In summary, securing more Google reviews for your law firm requires a combination of strategies including maximizing client engagement, crafting an effective review solicitation strategy, leveraging technology, responding to all types of reviews, enhancing local SEO, creating a dedicated review page, educating clients on the importance of reviews, incentivizing staff, building a strong digital presence beyond reviews, and navigating legal ethics in review solicitation. By implementing these strategies, your law firm can enhance its online reputation, attract more clients, and stand out in the competitive legal market. Logo

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