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Get More Google Reviews With AI Q3 Feature Releases

October 11, 2023
Domenick Arapi
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We are excited to announce our Q3 Feature Releases on Reviewly that will make managing your online reputation even easier and more effective. In response to many requests we have added WhatsApp Integration, Contact Record Data ,Instant AI Google Review Draft Recommendations,  24 Hour Follow Up AI Assisted Google Review Draft Updates, and Multi Location Management. 

WhatsApp Integration

You can now integrate WhatsApp into our system. Due to our growing client base from outside of the US where WhatsApp is more prevalent. You can now connect a WhatsApp account to send your review request through. The process takes up to 2-4 weeks to get approved by Meta. If you are interested in integrating WhatsApp into your accounting, please reach out to our support team to get started.

Contact Record Data – Every interaction is an opportunity to understand your customers better. This new feature saves contact record data, providing businesses the ability to access all the messages sent between them and the customer. You can access this by simply clicking on the customer's number in the Contacts tab. 

  • Instant AI Google Review Draft Recommendations – You now have the ability to provide instant AI-generated draft suggestions for Google reviews, ensuring that your responses are quick, appropriate, and engaging.
  • 24 Hour Follow Up AI Assisted Google Review Draft Updates – Along with Instantly suggesting an AI google review draft, after 24 hours of suggesting a draft and the Google Business Profile link still hasn’t been clicked, the system will automatically send a follow up message asking if they would like another AI assisted draft ensuring you the best chance to get a review.  Should you choose to wait or need some time to formulate a response, the system provides AI-assisted draft updates after 24 hours, allowing businesses to address reviews with precision. 

Both the Instant AI draft and 24 hour follow up can be found in the Feedback settings under Positive Replies. 

 Multi-Location Management

Many enterprises operate across multiple locations. Recognizing this, has introduced Multi Location Management feature:

  • Sub-User Assignments – Business owners can now assign sub-users, such as general managers, to specific locations. These assigned users will have exclusive access only to those particular locations, ensuring segmented and efficient management.

Taking charge of your online reputation across multiple branches or outlets has never been this streamlined. With the ability to assign and manage at a granular level, businesses can ensure that each location maintains a high standard of reputation management.'s Q3 updates are a testament to our commitment to providing businesses with the best tools and features to manage their online presence effectively. With tools designed for today's fast-paced world, we ensure that businesses are equipped to handle it. 

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