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How To Properly Ask For A Customer Review

September 27, 2023
Domenick Arapi
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How to Ask For A Customer Review

Customer feedback is pivotal in shaping your brand's perception and driving its growth. The ask for a customer review plays a vital role in refining your business strategies, amplifying brand awareness, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

However, generating a steady stream of reviews requires a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals. This guide will walk you through everything there is to know on soliciting reviews, and underline their significance in refining the customer journey and bolstering your brand's allure.

The Importance of Reviews for Elevating Customer Experience 

In the modern era, reviews are not just a desirable addition to your online persona; they are a decisive factor that is crucial for your business. 

Reviews are instrumental in winning over potential customers. From our research, we have found that 89% of people read online reviews before making a decision, while 93% of people make buying decisions based on online reviews. Therefore, playing a huge role in the decision-making process. A collection of positive reviews can bolster your brand's reputation, subsequently attracting more customers.

How to Ask For a Customer Review

 Soliciting online reviews may seem daunting, and you certainly don't want to come across as intrusive or demanding. It's important to approach your customers respectfully and at an appropriate stage.

The Who, What, When, and Where of How to Ask For A Customer Review

Determining where to request reviews is an initial step. Several channels can be employed to ask for reviews, essentially any platform where you interact with your customers. The key is to select the right platform for the right moment.

Consider using the following platforms when requesting reviews:

  • SMS
  • Face-to-face interactions (at physical locations)
  • Website
  • Email
  • Receipts or invoices

The timing of your request is also crucial. Aim to solicit reviews at junctures where the customer can provide valuable insights. The primary objectives of online reviews are to gather feedback to enhance the customer experience and to boost your online reputation.

Appropriate moments to request a review may include:

  • After the delivery of a product or service
  • Following a consultation or discussion
  • After a customer experiments with a new product
  • Upon receiving commendation from a client
  • After payment for a service has been received

The timing of your request will depend on the nature of the feedback you are seeking. For instance, if you want feedback on the service of your moving company, it's best to ask immediately after the service is complete. 

Who should you ask for reviews?

 Ideally, satisfied and loyal customers, as they are more likely to leave positive feedback, enhancing your online presence. However, it's important to remember that you cannot control the nature of the review, whether positive or negative. 

Strategies for Asking For a Customer Review 

Now that you understand the importance of reviews and the appropriate timing and platforms for requesting them, let's delve into the strategies for soliciting reviews.

  • Seek Natural Opportunities to Request Reviews

 Look for organic moments in conversations to request online reviews. For example, cashiers could inquire if the customer found everything they needed during checkout.

  • Avoid Coercing Reviews 

It's crucial to remember that you are requesting reviews, not demanding them. A forceful approach is off-putting. To increase the likelihood of receiving reviews, explain to your customers why their feedback is important and how much you would appreciate it. Inform them that their reviews contribute to your business's growth and the enhancement of the overall experience.

  • Leverage Text Messaging and Ongoing Conversations 

Text messages have a high open rate, in fact 93% of SMS messages are read in under 3 minutes of them being sent. making it very likely for your request to be seen. If you are already communicating with clients via text, it's easy to incorporate a review request into the ongoing conversation.

  • Personalize the Request

 When sending review requests via text, personalize the messages as much as possible. Address the customer by their name, reference the purchased product or service. 

  • Handling Negative Reviews

 Negative reviews are unavoidable, even for the best businesses. Although they can be disheartening, try to view them as opportunities to enhance the customer experience and convert dissatisfied customers into satisfied ones.

Here are some best practices for navigating difficult conversations:

  • Respond

   responding to negative reviews is a must. In the best-case scenario, you can amend the situation sufficiently to convert the review into a positive one. Even if that's not possible, responding to negative reviews demonstrates to potential customers that you are proactive in addressing issues.

  • Maintain a Friendly and Professional Demeanor 

Your response to a negative review should always be cordial and professional. Remember, the goal is not to win an argument but to transform a negative situation into a positive one—for all parties involved.

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