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Get More Google Reviews With AI Now Offers Multi Language Support

September 20, 2023
Domenick Arapi
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We are excited to announce some new features on Reviewly that will make managing your online reputation even easier and more effective. In response to the growing needs of our diverse user base, we have added multi-language support, the ability to reset passwords from the reseller dashboard, and customizable feedback request intervals.

Multi-Language Support

We understand the importance of communicating with your customers in their native language. That’s why we have added support for multiple languages on In addition to English, the platform is now available in French, Russian, Dansk, Deutsch, Español, Finnish, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, and Japanese. This feature will enable you to generate reviews in your customers preferred language, enhancing their overall experience and engagement with your business. The settings to change the language can be found in the "My Information" settings.

Reset Password at Location from Reseller Dashboard

Agencies can now reset user passwords directly from the reseller dashboard, making it easier for new users to get started. This feature simplifies the onboarding process, eliminating the need for new users to navigate through multiple screens or wait for an email to reset their password. Agencies can quickly reset passwords, helping new users to access the platform and start managing their online reputation immediately.

Feedback Request Interval

Feedback is crucial for any business to improve its services and customer satisfaction. With, you can now set a timer on when you want the feedback request to go out. For example, if you own a dentistry, you can schedule the feedback request to be sent out right as the client's appointment finishes. Additionally, if the client is expected to return for a follow-up appointment a month later, you can schedule a feedback request for that as well. This feature ensures that you receive timely feedback from your clients, allowing you to address any concerns promptly and improve your services for future appointments. You can edit the Feedback Request Interval by navigating to the "Feedback Settings" tab on your dashboard then clicking "Request Settings"

We are committed to continuously improving to meet the needs of our users. With the addition of multi-language support, the ability to reset passwords from the reseller dashboard, and customizable feedback request intervals, we are making it even easier for businesses and agencies to manage their online reputation effectively. Start leveraging these new features today to enhance your customer engagement and improve your online reputation.

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